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Capitalising on a classic retro style with modern twists, and added safety features, the Stereo 21c stands apart from the competition in more ways than one. 
In the same vein as Henry Ford famously stated that his Model T Ford, ‘comes in any colour so long as it is black’; English Acoustics founder and Chief Technical Officer, Peter Farrow has been quoted as saying: ‘The colour choice is only limited by our customer’s imagination or the colour of their car!” 
English Acoustics supply their handcrafted Stereo 21c in bespoke colours according to their customer’s preference. With colourful names such as Cotswold Blue, Marlborough Red, Lansdowne Gold and Stonehenge Silver; each bespoke ‘21c leaves the workshop, stamped with the official ‘Made in Britain’ certification. This makes English Acoustics unique as the only Hi-Fi valve amplifier manufacturer to carry this prestigious mark.


SKU: 217537123517253
Color: Black
    ⦁    English made & individually hand built 
    ⦁    Automotive grade paint finish in any conceivable colour 
    ⦁    20watt ultra linear valve amplifier which ensures the highest sound quality CNC-Machined transformer casings made from a billet of aluminium 
    ⦁    World class hand-wound transformers from a local British manufacturer Paper in oil capacitors used throughout with point to point valve socket wiring Improved timeless classic design
    ⦁    Includes tilt and vibration cut out as well as thermal and over-current cut out Medical grade power inlet filter
    ⦁    Comprehensive 3year warranty

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